Stunning Brunette Mom Gives Perfect Blowjob

brunette milf giving a blowjobJeremy is one lucky dude because not only does he have an awesome girlfriend who can’t seem to get enough of his big cock, he quickly finds out in this latest episode of that his girlfriend’s mom is an avid cocksucker with an addiction to his cock and cum too- something she’s more than eager to prove when she slides in between his legs and swallows his cock until she milks every drop of cum out of it with her mouth!

One of the worst things that can possibly happen to a man is getting busted while in the midst of an intimate moment with his lady and yet that’s what happens to Jeremy and his girlfriend. Her mom walks in on him getting head and while she’s mad at her daughter, she’s actually turned on by the sight of Jeremy’s thick cock and she desperately longs for a chance to slobber all over his knob. Her turn comes when her daughter is away from home and she has Jeremy all to herself so she proceeds to show him how good a blowjob from an experienced older woman feels.

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The beautiful brunette mom with glasses pulls her hair back behind her ears as she focuses all her energy on orally pleasing Jeremy. She licks the precum off his sensitive cut head and then she gently starts tugging the girth of his erect cock. She ups the ante by getting topless and giving him a view of her bouncy boobs as she bobs her head up and down on his dick. Her sucking is so on point that it doesn’t take long for the lucky stud to burst his nut and when he does, it’s all over his hot girlfriend’s mom!

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Charlee Chase Sucks Her Daughter’s Boyfriend to Completion

busty brunette mom fondling her big titsWhen the daughter is away, the mom will play – at least that seems to be Charlee Chase’s motto in this latest episode from when she shamelessly seduces her daughter’s boyfriend and then proceeds to give him a tantalizing blowjob and titjob until he explodes. The horny busty brunette nympho had always fantasized about getting it on with him and when he turns up in her living room, she seizes the opportunity and shows him what he is missing out on by not hooking up with an older and much more experienced woman.

Bill is excited about going on a date with his girlfriend but she’s not home when he shows up but her very hot mom is and the duo flirt but are hesitant to cross that invisible line. That’s until Charlee Chase gives into her lusty feelings and starts groping the younger guy’s cock through his pants while giving him an eyeful of her massive rack. His cock goes from limp to hard in no time at all and that’s when the sexy babe leans in and starts sucking it ever so gently.

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Charlee Chase knows that slow and steady will make Bill explode and so she takes her time sucking his prick. She dips his cock in her mouth and pops it out, blowing on it before shoving it back into her mouth. Then she squeezes it in between her monster fun bags, using them to jerk him off as she licks the tip of his cock. All this is too much for the younger dude and causes him to shoot out a really big shot of cum!

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Brandi Jaimes Gags Guy and Sucks His Cock

Brandi Jaimes deepthroats a gagged man's cockNormally guys complain that women talk too much but in this new episode from, Brandi Jaimes is actually the one who is fed up of a guy because of his inability to shut his mouth. The sexy blonde MILF with big boobs has a solution however and it involves gagging the younger stud’s mouth and then having her way with his cock while he watches on helplessly. This episode starts of with the older nympho in the dominant role but if you watch carefully, the roles are reversed about the halfway point when Kevin grabs a fistful of her hair as he pushes every inch of his cock up her mouth.

Brandi Jaimes has got no tolerance for men who talk too much and unfortunately for her Kevin is one of those men so she pulls out her mouth gag and decides to silence him for a while. Then she helps out of his jeans and kisses his limp dick getting it harder and harder with each lick and then the busty older blonde holds down the base of the now hardened cock as she twirls her tongue around the extra-sensitive head.

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Her oral skills are superior and Kevin has never felt as good as he feels right in this moment but he can’t tell Brandi Jaimes this because his mouth is still gagged. So he watches and squirms in the chair as he tries to hold back from exploding but when she swallows his entire hard rod, he has no option but to release his creamy jizz. Does he empty his cock in her mouth or on her face or maybe both? Find out at

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Leilani Lei Sucks Cum Out of a Big Cock

Leilani Lei sucking a big cockAs you watch this very intense cock sucking video from, you’ll probably be thinking to yourself what an orally-skilled mature nympho Leilani Lei is and you won’t be wrong because this woman knows how to use her mouth and tongue to make men weak at the knees and the man on the receiving end in this episode is a lucky younger guy called Ben who stops by to visit his friend only to end up getting a very sensual blowjob from his friend’s mother!

Leilani Lei likes young hard dicks and when she spots her daughter’s friend Ben, she literally starts salivating at the thought of having his dick inside her warm mouth. She corners him and traps him on a bed where she proceeds to take his pants off and swallow his entire prick. This stud’s cock has never gotten such good oral treatment from an experienced mouth so he squirms as he tries hard not to cum too soon.

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The grey-haired older babe looks up at Ben over her glasses as she closes her mouth around his very sensitive cock head, gently sucking on it while stroking the length of his cock and then she opens up wide and takes in as much of the throbbing hard cock as she can again, gagging a little as every inch of that young hard man meat hits the back of her mouth. Her persistent sucking pays off when Ben explodes, splashing his creamy seed all over her red-rimmed glasses.

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Cum Fun for Busty Mom Keri Lynn

Keri Lynn sucking a long cockWhen Keri Lynn is horny and desperate for some cum fun, she knows she can count on her neighbor Joey to come to her rescue and he on the other hand is so committed to satisfying all of the busty mom’s sexual needs that when she calls, he comes right over, afterall, he does have a lot to benefit from this little arrangement of theirs as you can see firsthand in this very sensual episode from where the blonde bombshell goes to town on Joey’s dick with her mouth, hands and even tits!

Every woman has needs and for Keri Lynn those needs involve getting a load of cum all over her. Like right now, the older blonde babe is horny as fuck and she wants to have some creamy jizz splashed on her body so she reaches out to her neighbor who comes right over and undresses so the big chested mom can play with his dick. Play is exactly what she does because she jerks it hard while rubbing her own pussy and then she gets down on her knees and sucks it while holding the base down.

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Just when Joey thinks it couldn’t get any better, Keri Lynn shoves his long hard cock in between her massive rack and jerks it with her big soft fun bags. Feeling and seeing the big boobs rubbing against his cock drives him to the point of explosion and when his creamy load comes gushing out, the cum craving mature nympho licks up some of it and even gets some on her big tits. You can see her delightfully playing with cum only at

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Busty Stacie Starr Gives Her Tutee a Blowjob

Stacie Starr giving a blowjobStacie Starr is doing her good deed of the day by tutoring Jimmy but the naughty student has way dirtier thoughts running through his mind than what he’s being quizzed on. He gets a raging boner just from being in close proximity to the super hot busty MILF and since the bulge in his pants keeps growing bigger and bigger, he does something completely unexpected by whipping it out and stroking it much to the older babe’s shock. The second she recovers from the shock however, Ms. Starr ups the ante by lowering her mouth and hands to the tutee’s hard cock and sucking it until it explodes. This tutee blowjob and handjob video can be viewed in the member area.

Stacie Starr has seen a lot of shocking things in her time but even she is not prepared for the surprise Jimmy has for her right in the middle of their tutoring session. The gorgeous older brunette woman looks up from her stack of papers only to find herself staring at an erect penis being caressed by her tutee. She decides then that the best way to get him to concentrate would be to suck his cock just to get the edge off.

Stacie Starr jerking a hard cock busty brunette MILF giving a handjob busty Stacie Starr deepthroating cock

She kisses his sensitive head as she strokes his balls and then she sinks her wet and warm mouth as far down onto his penis as it can go. Stacie Starr is the deep throat queen and she doesn’t hold back as she boops her head up and down that hard rod tasting every inch of Jimmy’s manhood while jerking him off. The combination of her mouth and hands on his dick makes him explode. Now maybe he can focus on what he’s being tutored on.

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Tracy Takes a Shot of Cum

tracy drinking cum out of a shot glassWhen it comes to doing straight shots of cum, no one compares to Tracy. She is the original cum drinker and she could teach a few people the proper way to drown a glass of cum. She could also make a living from teaching women how to milk a big cock with their mouth and hands because she does such a fantastic job of coaxing cum out of her hubby’s cock with her mouth in this latest episode from

There are plenty of reasons Tracy’s hubby put a ring on her finger but chances are that a big part of it was because she is a certified nympho with cock sucking skills out of this world. She also craves cum more than any other woman he has ever encountered and on this day, the orally fixated mature blonde woman has enjoyed a nice dinner with her man but she needs some yummy dessert to cap off the perfect night. Her idea of dessert is a nice shot of cum in a glass and her husband is only too happy to provide that.

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He lays back on the table and moans as his freaky wife chokes on his big dick. She gags on it and drenches it with her saliva as she greedily attempts to shove the entire shaft into her mouth. Then she uses her hands to stroke the length as she ever so gently works the sensitive head with her tongue and lips and when he’s ready to cum, Tracy grabs her shot glass and empties his creamy seed into the glass. The older babe then tilts her head back, tips the shot glass over her mouth and swallows every last bit of cum in the glass. There are more cum drinking mature babes just like Tracy on

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Amber Lynn Bach Gives An Impressive Blowjob Demonstration

busty blonde swallowing a hard cockIf you’re going to get any tips about cock sucking, you’re better off having Amber Lynn Bach as your teacher because the busty MILF doesn’t just give tips, she’s a very hands-on teacher who prefers to demonstrate her oral technique and as this latest episode from shows, this mature nympho definitely knows a thing or two about pleasuring men with her mouth.

No mother ever wants to hear that her daughter is not good at something so when Amber Lynn Bach hears her daughter’s boyfriend complain about her lackluster blowjob skills, the big tittied babe decides to show the younger stud how a cock should be sucked that way he can show his not-so-experienced girlfriend how he likes to be orally serviced. With her boobs busting out of her skimpy black top, Ms. Bach leans into the stud’s lap sinking her warm mouth down on his erect prick.

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She sucks on it for a while, focusing her attention on the throbbing sensitive head and then she rubs the cock all over her massive tits before shoving it back inside her mouth. In between slurping on the cock, the older woman generously dispenses advice about what the man has to do to make his younger lover comfortable during a blowjob session and then she wraps things up with a titjob so hot, you’ll think it’s your own dick trapped in between her monster fun bags! This blowjob demonstration and tit fuck video is available exclusively at

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Charlee Chase Drains A Dick With Her Mouth

brunette milf licking a prickIt’s one thing for your mom to embarrass you infront of your friends and it’s a whole other thing for her to straight up unleash her inner cock sucking slut right infront of you and your buddy and yet that is exactly what Charlee Chase does in this extremely raunchy MILF cock sucking video from The brunette vixen shamelessly crashes the couch party her son and his friend are having and then proceeds to suck off her son’s friend with such reckless abandon that watching her swallow that big dick will make you shoot out your own load.

Billy invites his friend over to hangout and midway through their chill time, his mom waltzes in wearing just her bra and panties. Naturally Billy is humiliated and understandably pissed off at his mom but Charlee Chase couldn’t care less about her son’s feelings and promptly banishes him from the room so she can have his way with his friend. Before Billy can even make it to the door, his mom reaches into his friend’s pants and starts caressing the bulge that’s already forming in his pants.

Charlee Chase seducing her son's friend sexy mature babe sucking on a cock's head brunette babe deepthroating a cock

Then the bold mature babe wraps her expensive pearl necklace around the hard dick as she sinks her warm mouth down on it. The combination of the friction from her wet mouth as well as from the necklace gets the cock even harder and then she alternates between sucking it, jerking it and rubbing it in between her tits until the cum dam bursts wide open and a steady stream of jizz shoots out of it. Does Charlee Chase taste the cum? has the answer to that question!

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Nikki Sixxx Sucks Off Her Son’s Best Friend

Nikki Sixxx swallowing a long cockNo matter what Nikki Sixxx does, she can’t seem to stay away from young dick. She always seems to gravitate toward younger studs and their prime cocks almost as if they are beckoning for her like in this latest update from where the gorgeous older blonde babe latches onto her son’s best friend’s cock and vacuums it dry with her mouth and a little bit of help from her hands.

Jason comes over looking for his friend but finds his mom instead and the two make some small talk before the sexy mature cock sucker makes her intentions known. She knows her son isn’t home so she intends to take full advantage of his absence by having her way with his friend. If there is any hesitation on Jason’s part, it doesn’t show as he sits back and takes in the sight of the experienced MILF making love to his cock with her mouth.

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The lucky stud can’t believe his luck as Nikki Sixxx treats him to a combination handjob and blowjob tenderly but firmly jerking his long cock while twirling her tongue around the throbbing tip of his prick. She uses a steady sucking rhythm that makes Jason’s toes curl as he feels an irrepressible orgasm building up inside him. Then the mature hottie presses her tits on the stud’s bare thighs as she increases the pressure around his cock causing him to explode with a monster cumshot. This exclusive mature blowjob video can be seen in its entirety only at

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