Mrs. Charlee Chase Pleasures Her StepDaughter’s Boyfriend With Her Mouth

milf-Charlee-Chase-sucking-cockThere are two lessons to take from this week’s update of First, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it and second, always remember to sign out of your facebook account because if you don’t, your nosy stepmom will find out about the naughty things your hot boyfriend wants to do to her!

Charlee Chase is a hot MILF with a massive rack and like any parent of a teenager, she has to go behind her stepdaughter and clean after her. She finds her stepdaughter’s cell phone while straightening out her room and curiosity gets the better of her so she scrolls through her messages and checks out her Facebook page where she finds out that her stepdaughter’s boyfriend has a crush on her and longs to get freaky with her.

Charlee-Chase-titjob Charlee-Chase-blowjob busty-Charlee-Chase-tit-cumshot

Being the horny MILF she is, the busty Charlee Chase calls the guy over and when he shows up, she tells him that she knows all about his fantasies and is willing to turn them into reality. She pins him to a bed and runs her long fingers all over his bare skin before slowly taking his pants off and running her cool tongue over the length of his shaft. This older woman definitely knows how to suck a cock because her mouth skills soon have the lucky dude holding onto the edges of the bed as he tries not to cum but one look at Charlee Chase’s big tits swaying slightly as she sucks his dick is all it takes to make the man lose control. He lets his creamy stream loose and it lands on Charlee’s gigantic tits.

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Busty Mom Stacie Starr Mouth Fucks Her Daughter’s Hung Boyfriend

stacie-starr-and-daughter-jerk-off-a-guyIf there is any doubt whether Stacie Starr approves of her daughter’s new boyfriend, all of it is removed in this new update from The busty brunette MILF and her teen daughter have a pact that she gets to “sample” all of her boyfriends before she can date them and like those before him, Scott must pass the mommy test before dating the very naïve teen babe.

The test is not the conventional test most parents give to potential dates but one that only a perverted MILF would think up. It involves lots of cock sucking, stroking and cumshots and surprisingly, the new boyfriend is up for it. Stacie Starr, a big cock fanatic definitely approves of the thick package in between Scott’s legs and the first thing she does is lower her mouth on it and suck it lubricating it with her own saliva.

stacie-starr-gives-scott-a-blowjob milf-stacie-starr-deepthroating-cock man-ejaculate-on-stacie-starr's-big-tits

With her daughter watching by, the gorgeous but perverted mom pops her big tits out of her bra and then sinks her mouth back on Scott’s thick meat. She holds the base of the cock down with her hand as she sucks the tip and then she wraps her big tits around the cock treating the lucky guy to a titjob he’ll never forget. More sucking follows the titjob and when Scott is ready to burst a nut, cum loving Stacie Starr moves closer so every single thick drop of cum can land on her heavy chest! This episode of leaves no doubt whatsoever that Scott is now welcome to break bread with the family.

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Blonde Mom Shows Teen Daughter How To Suck Cock

mom-and-daughter-suck-scott's-cockMothers and daughters share everything and Amber and her mom are no exception to that rule. The sweet teen’s mom catches her red handed as she attempts to give her boyfriend a cock but instead of lecturing her and possibly grounding her, the horny mom offers to teach her naïve daughter how to suck a cock in the latest episode on It’s aptly titled Mom’s Blowjob Seminar.

Amber is a sweet teen who is bored out of her mind and looking for something fun to do with her boyfriend so she suggests that he lets her suck his cock – a suggestion he eagerly welcomes. She makes small talk while helping him out of his pants and then she tenderly caresses his cock getting it hard between her soft palms. Scott makes himself more comfortable as the teen plants a kiss on his hardened cock and just as she’s contemplating swallowing his big dick, her mom walks in on them. Awkward tension arises between the three for a second before the mom offers to jump into the mix and teach her daughter how to properly service a man with her mouth.

mom-teaches-teen-daughter-how-to-suck-cock blonde-mom-giving-blowjob mom-and-daughter-sandwich-cock-during-blowjob

Always one to teach by demonstration, the mature blonde gets on her knees and starts bobbing her head up and down Scott’s big cock. Her teen daughter watches with a mixture of awe and envy but the mom is not a selfish teacher and she invites her daughter to join in the fun. The duo tag team Scott’s cock and squeeze it between their soft lips. While the mom slowly sucks the tip of the cock, the teen student works on Scott’s balls. Having the mother and daughter duo sucking him dry makes the lucky guy so worked up that his cock spurts out cum and it lands on both the pretty faces knelt before him.

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Nikki Gets Her Face Frosted By Her Son-In-Law After Sucking Him Off

nikki-deepthroating-cockDesperate times call for desperate measures and that is the case for Nikki, a mature blonde with an oral fixation and no dick to suck on. She quickly concocts up a scheme to get a hard dick in her mouth and her plan is so devious and error-proof that it gets her exactly what she wants in this update from

The horny older woman lures her son-in-law over to her house under the pretense that her computer needs fixing but when he shows up she leads him to her bedroom and proceeds to take off his pants. Confused and speechless, the son-in-law tries to remind her that he’s married to her own daughter but Nikki is so horny and she isn’t trying to hear all that sensible talk about lines being crossed.

nikki-wet-blowjob nikki-sucking-son-in-law-cock nikki-blowjob-and-facial

The son-in-law puts up a rather good fight but eventually gives up and gives in and even confesses to having fantasized about getting his freak on with his more experienced mother-in-law. Nikki proves she is very experienced indeed when the starts off by stroking the lucky stud’s cock and when it doesn’t get hard fast enough for her, she pops it inside her mouth and blows some life into it.

She then sucks in her cheeks as she deepthroats the hard dick with all her might. The older blonde cock sucker pauses long enough to strip off all her clothes revealing a tantalizing set of juicy huge tits and then she gets down to doing some serious cock sucking. She holds down the base of the prick as she bobs her head up and down the length of the cock. She’s having such a blast sucking off her son-in-law that she reaches down and starts playing with herself. The sight of her fingering her pussy while giving a blowjob makes her son-in-law explode all over her face.

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Joey Gets Soothing Erection Relief From Jessica Sexxxton

jessica-sexxxton-grips-big-cockMom knows best – at least that’s what this update from seems to suggest. Monica is running late for her first date and her mom, the extremely horny Jessica Sexxxton decides to entertain her potential boyfriend while they wait for Monica to make an appearance. Jessica Sexxxton’s idea of entertainment though is not a movie or small talk but a blowjob that results in her getting her tits drenched in a thick creamy load of goo.

Jessica Sexxxton is a woman who knows what she wants and almost always gets her way. She walks into her living room to find her daughter’s date impatiently waiting for her so she decides to seize the opportunity to mouth fuck the much younger suitor’s cock while they both wait for her daughter to show up. Joey is a bit hesitant to get pleasured by the mom of the chick he’s pursuing but once Jessica Sexxxton mentions that she taught her daughter how to suck cock, Joey gives in and drops his pants to get head he won’t soon forget.

jessica-sexxxton-sucks-cock jessica-sexxxton-deepthroat jessica-sexxxton-boob-cumshot

The dark haired MILF kicks off things by sucking the tip of Joey’s cock before sliding the whole shaft into her mouth. She bobs her head up and down on the hard cock while playing with the shaved balls and then proceeds to rub her soft lips on the tip of the erect penis. Joey moans as the warm mouth engulfs his sensitive prick and Jessica Sexxxton increases the pace of her sucking. This skilled cock sucker then twirls her tongue around Joey’s cock before moving further down south and focusing solely on licking his balls. She then makes her way to the top where she gags as she tries to take Joey’s big cock as far back into her throat as she can. A few deepthroat licks later and Joey is ready to burst his nut. Jessica Sexxxton graciously offers her chest as the dump for his load….

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Frankie Explodes Inside Mrs.Lillian Tesh’s Mouth

Lillian-Tesh-blowjobFrankie gets in trouble in school again and this time Mrs. Lillian Tesh is determined to teach him a lesson because she is just so dang tired of having to clean up his messes. The type of punishment he gets though is the kind that would make a guy want to stay in trouble all the time because it is the kind of punishment that is actually a reward to the recipient and if Mrs. Tesh thinks she had the last laugh in this update from, she has no clue just how wrong she is.

The action kicks off with Mrs. Tesh at her desk showing off her long toned legs in a black micro mini-skirt with a slit that almost exposes her kitty. Frankie walks into her office and sits right opposite her and the two soon get into a heated discussion regarding Frankie’s behavior. Mrs. Tesh then orders Frankie to stand before her and drop his pants and like a good guy, he does exactly as he’s told. She grabs his soft limp cock and strokes it a couple of time before shoving it inside her mouth and sucking it.

Lillian-Tesh-deepthroat Lillian-Tesh-teabagging Lillian-Tesh-licking-cum

The cock grows bigger and harder with each mouth stroke and Mrs.Tesh holds the base of the cock and tries to swallow it all. Her eyes get teary as the cock hits the back of her throat but she is determined to teach Frankie a lesson so she leans forward in the chair and teabags him – licks and gently nibbling on his balls while looking up at him. She lets go of the balls and runs her tongue from the bottom of the cock to the head until Frankie bursts a nut in her mouth and all over her fingers. The very horny milf then cleans up by licking up every single drop of cum.

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MILF Stacie Starr Demonstrates How To Suck A Cock To Her Sulking Teen Daughter

The latest update on features the stunning Stacie Starr teaching her daughter Vanessa how to pleasure her new boyfriend with her mouth. Stacie believes in hands-on teaching and eager demonstrates how to suck a cock on her daughter’s very willing boyfriend. The video and pictures of this sizzling hot cock sucking episode await you in the member area.

Some mothers don’t know any boundaries and Stacie Starr is clearly one of those. She walks into her daughter’s room unannounced where she finds her daughter sitting on the bed innocently discussing plans for the evening with her boyfriend. Stacie doesn’t waste much time making small talk and almost immediately launches into an awkward talk delving deep into the couple’s sex life. She expresses dismay when her daughter tells her she hasn’t performed fellatio on her new boyfriend and without missing a beat offers to teach her teenage daughter how to please a man with her mouth.

Naturally, her daughter protests and calls the busty older brunette “old” which seems to make her want to suck Billy’s cock even more. She pulls off Billy’s pants and underwear in one fell swoop, without much resistance from Billy and amid protests from her daughter, Stacie wraps her lips around Billy’s cock and sucks it slow while stroking it hard until it hardens.

Stacie Starr is an expert cock slurper who can multitask and she mercilessly taunts her daughter with her superior blowjob skills while the daughter sits nearby sulking. Stacie lifts up her bra and pops one of her big juggs out but her mouth and hands never lose contact with Billy’s prick. She moans softly as she fondles her tits and her mouth sinks deeper and deeper on the pulsating hard cock. She then lightly grabs Billy’s balls and the base of his shaft and twirls her tongue around the tip of his cock before diving back down and taking the whole length of the penis into her mouth.

Her blonde daughter is very unimpressed by Stacie’s sucking skills but Billy’s reaction to her mouth-to-cock resuscitation skills proves that this hot MILF definitely knows what she is doing. He tries really hard to hold in the load building up inside him in vain. The pressure from both Stacie’s mouth and hand on his cock at the same time makes it impossible for him to hold back any longer and he shoots out a thick cum load that lands right on his belly.

You know you’re curious to see where else Billy’s huge load lands and the only way you can find out is by checking this episode out at

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Stacie Starr Helps JC Suck Cock

Mrs. Starr finds her step daughter giving a hand job
In this week’s update to you’ll see Stacie Starr sucking dick alongside with her step daughter JC. Check out the brand new video and photo set, and prepare to be amazed.

Stacie Starr is a hot MILF that could drive anyone crazy with desire. When she walks into her step daughter’s bedroom she is in for the surprise of her life as she finds her jacking her boyfriend’s hard rod. She can’t believe her eyes and if she weren’t so curious and turned on herself Mrs. Starr would certainly get angry. The sight of his big hard dick aroused her deeply and now she wants a piece of the action. To prove them she is serious about it she reveals her big tits and gets on her knees on the bed. At first she wants it all for herself and grabbing the cock with both her hands, she starts rubbing and sucking it with insatiable passion. This step mom is so good that she swallows the whole cock, all the way to the balls, while keeping eye contact. This is a hardcore sucking scene that will drive you insane with pleasure.

Stacie Starr and JC rubbing dick Busty Mrs. Stacie gives hand job Stacie Starr shows her perky tits

After this, she lets her step daughter join in again and while one rubs the cock, the other takes care of the balls. Their hand job and blowjob session is incredibly hot and you can see their never ending desire and passion in their eyes. Step mom Stacie Starr has her mouth full of cock and does everything she knows to drive this guy crazy with pleasure. She teams up with her step daughter to make the sucking session even more rewarding and hot. Her curious little tongue does an amazing job and it is difficult for the guy to keep it in much longer.

If you want to see how their sucking session turned out don’t forget to check the members’ area at and enjoy the entire video and photo gallery.

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Sexy Milf Bibette Blanche Gets Joey to Skull Fuck Her

Blanche reassures joey she can help with his erection

Joey came to see Bibette Blanche to tell her about his erection problem. He was really embarrassed, but she was very professional as she listened and wrote down her notes. She looked at him and assured him this was not unusual. She knew she could help as long as he was willing to do exactly as she said. and you can see what she did to help at

The first thing she did was to see how he would react to seeing her gorgeous mature body in her pink panties and bra with black lace trim. So she unbuttoned her coat and flashed Joey! He was shocked at first, not knowing what to do, But Bibette took control and had him pull down his shorts. Unfortunately Joey’s cock was still not standing at attention like most guys who would see bibette’s large tits trying to pop out of her bra would.

this might take drastic action the therapy is starting to work see what a little skull fucking can do

So this called for drastic action, and Bibette was more than willing to see that the job got done! She ripped off all of Joeys clothes and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his dangling penis and started to lick and suck his cock like any experienced seductress would. She held his dick at the base admiring the size of his balls as she slowly slipped his entire rod down her throat. At first there didn’t seem to be any results, but then she felt it start to throb and grow as it filled her entire mouth.

She was so pleased with the size of his prick and loved licking it from his balls to the top of his dick. Joey was so excited that he had to lay back on the couch as he felt his cock slide down Bibette’s throat. He loved skull fucking her. And then she took off her bra and panties letting her big tits and wet pussy loose. But joey was to busy sticking his dick in and out of Bubette’s mouth and before he knew it his cock exploded a huge load of cum all over Bibette! So if you want to see all that action go to!


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Amber says, Mommy Made Me

MILF Sara wants to see a young man's cock and tugs at his jeans

This week we’re going to recap one of the episodes that the members of have voted popular. Amber’s boyfriend comes over and is greeted by Amber’s mom Sara who immediately comes on to the young stud!

Amber is a cute teen girl with blonde hair that she always wears in pigtails. Her mom, Sara, is an older version of Amber with bigger tits. Both women are stunning and very sexually aggressive. Mike, Amber’s boyfriend, is about to find that out for himself.

MILF Sara sucks on the cock of a younger guy Mother and daughter give a blowjob to a young guy at the same time Taboo mother and daughter blowjob

Amber invited her boyfriend Mike over to the house so they could spend some alone time. Amber didn’t know her mom would be staying home from work. When Mike arrived, Sara was just going to check if the mail had come and met Mike at the door. She invited the young stud into her home and immediately felt attracted to her daughter’s boyfriend. Not taking no for an answer, Sara convinced the young man to quickly take out his cock so that she could suck him off before sending him upstairs to her daughter.

Sara began sucking on her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock and the young man was almost instantly hard from the hot MILF’s warm mouth. He started bucking his hips to meet her head bobbing up and down and was just getting into it when he noticed his girlfriend walk in the room. She started yelling at both of them, but Sara, being the perverted mom that she is, convinced Amber to settle down. When she was settled, Sara pushed it even further and convinced Amber to help her suck on the young man’s cock. Mike just kept his mouth shut the entire time, which was a very smart move!

Unbelievable to Mike, both the hot MILF and her daughter began sucking his dick. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect this to happen to him. He was so turned on that he felt like exploding all over the faces of the two babes, but he did everything he could to prolong the taboo moment.

If you would like to see both MILF Sara and her teen daughter Amber suck on a young man’s cock, check out the member’s area of!


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