Keri Lynn Gets Joey Off With Her Mouth

Keri Lynn  giving a blowjobYou know that phrase “Mother I’d Like To Fuck” or MILF? Well, it was created because of women like Keri Lynn. She is not just a gorgeous babe but she has got a slamming body on her and tits that make you want to reach into your screen and fondle them until she cries out your name. She’s also got a skilled mouth on her that you can see her put to good use on her neighbor Joey in this update from

The busty blonde beauty is thirsty for cum and she knows her neighbor Joey openly lusts after her so she invites him over for some cum fun but before she treats him to an amazing blowjob, Keri Lynn teases him by performing a sensual strip tease and then squeezing her juicy tits together while pinching her nipples. The intense nipple play turns Joey on so much that his long dick stands at attention in his pants. Keri Lynn loves the sight of the erect penis and she slowly makes her way in between Joey’s legs, unbuttons his pants and jerks his cock a bit before wrapping her lips around the cut head.

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The orally fixated older nympho twirls her tongue around the sensitive mushroom head before swallowing the whole head and then she corn cobs the big throbbing dick before utilizing the jerking and sucking combo to drive Joey completely insane. He grabs a hold of her blonde hair and pops his big dick in and out of her mouth and then she attempts to deep throat the monster prick before giving her jaws a break and resorting to stroking the heck out of the giant cock. As good as her handjob skills her, her cock sucking skills are a thousand times better and it’s her mouth that eventually makes Joey burst a nut. To see where his load lands, you have to watch this full length homemade mature blowjob video at

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Keri Lynn Uses the Neighbor Boy For A Blowjob

Keri Lynn wearing a tiny pink bikini showing off her amazing bodyThis week’s update of includes a full length video and photo set of hot MILF Keri Lynn. She’s bored at home and decides to call the neighbor boy to flirt with her for a bit. But, things get out of control quickly!

Keri Lynn is a super sexy blonde MILF. She leads a life of relaxation and lots of boredom. Being a housewife isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Her husband works 12-hour days and then goes straight to bed after dinner. Even on the weekends all he does is sleep. Keri is bored of being at home, bored of getting no attention, and bored of her sex life. That’s why she flirts with Joey, the neighbor boy whenever she sees him. His eyes always open wide to check her out and she always catches him with an outline of his hard cock in his pants. It’s the only satisfaction and compliments she gets – giving Joey a hard on!

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Today Keri was out sunbathing in her favorite pink bikini. It’s the one that makes her ass look 10 years younger and her tits look like she’s back in her twenties. It’s also the one that gives Joey an immense erection almost immediately. She decided to cure her boredom for the day and invite Joey over. He rang the doorbell right after Keri Lynn hung up the phone. She giggled at how anxious the boy is to see her when he gets the chance. Keri opened the door and Joey’s eyes almost popped out of his head after seeing her in the pink bikini. “Come in and sit down, Joey.” Keri said to the boy.

He is so cute and loveable. Keri is planning on being extra naughty today. As they are making conversation about this and that, Keri reaches behind her back and unclasps her bikini top. It falls into her lap and her big breasts are bare. Joey immediately stops talking and just stares at the beautiful MILF and her bare tits. Then, Keri gets on her knees in front of Joey to tease him a little more. “Did you ever get a blowjob before?” Keri asks Joey. “No ma’am,” he manages to stutter. “Today’s your luck day kid!” Keri says while smiling wickedly at the boy.

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